The Worlds' wildest eco adventure. A 100km/222km footrace through primary Amazon Jungle in the Tapajos National Forest, near Santarem, Para, Brazil

Jungle Marathon

Welcome to Jungle Marathon 2014

Voted by CNN as "the World's Toughest Endurance Race"

Can you cope with temperatures of 40c?
Humidity of 99%?
Primary Jungle with a dense canopy covering and not a chink of daylight?
Swamp crossings where anacondas lurk?
River crossings with caiman and piranhas as companions?
Insane elevation, often on slippery muddy slopes?
Sleeping in deep jungle to the sounds of jaguar and howler monkeys?

Only the brave will register.

Whether you do 42km, 122km or 254km, you will NEVER forget this adventure.
If you are not up for it, leave now.

Join us from October 2nd to 11th 2014.

Watch this clip and see if YOU can do this.

Jungle Marathon 2012 trailer from Rhys Howarth, Crying Stone Films on Vimeo.

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JM 2014 Brazil Registration Open


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